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Klinik is a cloud based, all-in-one management information system for healthcare enterprises worldwide. Klinik provides a comprehensive set of administrative, clinical, departmental, and add-on modules that have a common user interface and are unified by sharing a single cloud based database. Our innovative technologies create a consolidated view of each patient’s medical history, provide secure access to records at all times and on any Internet-connected device, enable interoperability with all systems, and provide ease of access thereby facilitating information handling and decision making.

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Why Klinik?

✓ User Experience

Our cloud based technologies provide sublime user experience, ease of access and mobility to our clients. Through our mobile application, access to your information is now readily available at your fingertips.

✓ Domain Specific Customization

Our technical support teams provide you with domain specific customizations to create a precise solution perfectly tailored to your requirements. Templates include Radiology, Cardiology, Neurology, Pediatric, Oncology, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Endocrinology and many more with the ever growing field of medicine and healthcare.

✓ Safe and Secure

Our technologies guarantee safety and security of your data. We use state of the art encryption systems to ensure security of your precious data.

✓ Precision Systems

With our automated systems, say goodbye to bugs and errors caused by regular data entry and bookkeeping. Now you can rely on our accurate and error free systems.

✓ Affordability

Our cost effective solution not only eliminates the need of IT staff and maintenance but also significantly reduces ownership cost and offers cost flexibility i.e. to be charged of only what you use. All of this in a very competitive price range.

Klinik Insider

KLINIK is developed on expansion model and have ability to expand and shrink according to the requirements of its customers. We at KLINIK provide complete services that includes hosting, expansion and customization of the system according to your need. With Klinik you can unlock the hidden potential in your healthcare enterprise by using this ‘smart’ solution. We ensure through our innovation that we help you achieve optimal efficiency and productivity with our true web based collaborative systems and mobile support.

  • Cloud Platform
    Cloud Platform

    Klinik provides you anytime anywhere secure access with cost effective and efficient solution based on cloud platform.

  • ICD-9 & ICD-10

    Klinik is integrated with the international classifications of diseases by world health organization (WHO).

  • EMR & EHR

    Klinik provides you the best EMR functionalities along NDC and ICD9/10 integration that not only boost up the pace of your work but also provide consistency.

  • Scalability

    KLINIK is developed on expansion model and have ability to expand and shrink according to the requirements of its customers.

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